Support Honor The Troops with Heritage DVDs

Support Honor The Troops with Heritage DVDs

The Wagon Wheel Ranch stands for so much more than just horses. The values that we appreciate and endeavor to live by transcend ranching. We endeavor to embody the spirit of America, its history and its future. We plan to stand by those values and use our documentary, Heritage, as a tool to support the men and women that have shaped our history and directly influence the future of America, our military service personnel.


Honor Our Troops sends care packages to as many service men and women as possible on a weekly basis.

Knowing that there are so many soldiers all around the world that are not receiving anything like a card, letter, or care package from anyone is the key motivation for H.O.T. to continue to serve our troops. Numerous letters have come back to H.O.T from soldiers (which you can read on their “Soldier Testimony” page) asking to add a particular soldier to their list because that soldier, that HERO, is not receiving anything from home. H.O.T. feels that it is their responsibility to make sure our country’s heroes know they are not forgotten and they are cared about deeply.

In the same spirit of preserving our American Heritage, Wagon Wheel Ranch is partnering with H.O.T. to take this opportunity to HONOR OUR TROOPS!

Join us in this effort. Receive the Heritage DVD for a contribution of $25 or more and Honor Our Troops with much needed moral support. (Support via a 501 (c3) non-profit organization – TAOL-HOTS).

Truly this is a win-win. You get this wonderful film about the heritage of the American Quarter Horse AND we’ll send support to the builders of the America’s heritage.


Pledge your support now!

The Wagon Wheel Ranch wants to contribute as many care packages as possible to our service men and women.

For any size donation you place below, you will receive one copy of the Heritage DVD, which has additional Special Features footage that is only available on the disc.

These bonus features are the full length interviews of Red Steagall, Randy Wright, Buster & Sheryl McLaury, Richard Chamberlain and Rusty Rodgers. They are informative, entertaining and wonderful.

Thank you for your interest in owning the DVD, and we deeply appreciate your contributing effort to support Honor Our Troops.